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Since I was old enough to remember, I have been aware of the subtle energies around people and in the environment.  I grew up living on the waters of Lake Green Bay in northern Wisconsin.  As a child many days were spent outside simply lying in the sun.  Those days were special as I learned valuable information from my Inner Guidance during those times.  Light is intelligent energy, and my Inner Guidance was literally downloading information to me as I enjoyed the sunlight.  It doesn't take a lot of time...15 minutes a day of sunlight will do wonders for the Soul.  

When I was in my late 20's I met Dr. Francisco Coll, creator and founder of The Americana Leadership College. Through Dr. Coll and the tools and services of the Americana Leadership College, I learned many valuable keys to help me stay relaxed, centered and tuned into my Inner Guidance.  

This Inner Guidance can come as the 'still voice within', a hunch, a premonition, an intuitive understanding, a feeling or a vision.  You can call this presence Angels, Messengers of God, Archetypes, Master Souls or simply 'higher energies'.  Whatever you want to call this Guidance, we all have it.

Through the training of the Americana Leadership College (aka Wayshower's College) I am trained to I offer spiritual consultations that help the client better understand their own energy and to communicate more easily with their Inner Guidance.    I am also a Licensed Minister with Peace Community Church, one of the departments of the Wayshower's College.  

With the Intuitive Consultation, we focus on one or two areas of concern.  This can involves messages from your Guides, past lives, deceased loved ones etc.  I never know where this is going to go, but turn it over to the God, the Angels and highest Beings of Love and Light.  This can be done via Skype, Phone or in person.  
Cost:  $100 (1) Hr. and $1 a minute after that.

Our team of Angels is a very specific team that we have chosen to work with based on our life's purpose.  Our Guides have mastered areas we will be working on throughout our life.  They are our best friends and are operating in our best interest.  However, you must ask for their assistance in order to receive it.  

The first step is to be sincere with yourself.  What are you looking for?  How can you be more in charge of your life's direction?  What are you willing to change?  Your Guidance is not here to work for you, but with you. They are your best friends. They know you better than anyone else and they always have your best interest at heart. You are never alone, because your Guides are just a heartbeat away.  When you ask for their help, be ready to receive it.  I am available for travel if there is an interest. 

The following are a few of the one on one spiritual profiles I offer to help the client feel a closer connection to their own team of Angels/Guides. 

Learn to communicate with your own team of angels!  Learn how many guides you have and how they communicate with you.  This session gives you the tools to access your own inner treasure chest of wisdom. Time: (1) Hr.  Cost: $100

With this profile the client learns what each of his/her guides did for a profession in their last incarnation, where they lived, where they traveled and how each guide helps specifically to unfold their life purpose.  You will also learn your unique life's purpose or 'thrust' in life.
Time: (1-2) Hr.  Cost: $150

This pastel portrait is of one of the client's Angels.  It is an impression of what a particular guide appeared like in their last incarnation.  Remember, the Guides have mastered what we are working on, so this portrait will help the client master a particular quality themselves, and feel closer to achieving their life's purpose.
Time: (1/2 to 1) Hr.  Cost: $125 

(Includes the 1001: Angel Profile, the 7004: Inner Communication and Your Spiritual Thrust Profile and the 2003-Art: Angel Portrait Profile.)

Gain a better understanding of your team of Spiritual Helpers and how each Angel or Guide, helps you specifically to achieve your goals and dreams.  The Angel Portfolio includes the 1001: Angel Profile, the 7004: Inner Guidance and Your Spiritual Thrust Profile and the 2003-Art:Angel Portrait.  Purchase as a Portfolio for $350 for a savings of $25

I offer workshops and leadership training for those who want to refine how to work more closely with their angels and spirit guides and their own spiritual development.  There are always angels and spirit guides near, ready willing and able to be more involved in your life.  Remember, they have mastered what you have come here to Planet Earth to master.  

Possible Benefits:

* Greater feeling of BELONGING

* A renewed sense of balance in one's life

* Greater fullfillment of love in relationships

* Greater self-acceptance and self-understanding

* Feeling of inner freedom

I have learned that sensitivity does not need to be a hindrance but a tool that can be used to better understand yourself and the world around you.  If you are consistant, cleansing of the aura and communication with your spiritual helpers or guides, will greatly enhance your life.  I regularly offer Angel  workshops and study groups all designed to help the participant relax and tune into their own inner guidance system.

“One of the first workshops I did with Nannette was the "Inner Communication & Guidance Workshop". This workshop was really life-changing for me. It helped me to easily connect with guidance and recognize it when I received it. It started me on the path of checking with my guidance daily and throughout the day, learning not to doubt myself and my ability.”   -Anne Brown,  Milwaukee, WI

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