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Prints available for many of these images.  
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Angel Portraits and Artwork

"Sometimes in life 'something' passes our way which simply stops us in our tracks.  'It' stops us because it wakes us up from the everyday busyness of life and connects us with something deep, something divine. In these heavenly moments we realize great peace and great inspiration. That is what Nanette's art does for me. Thank you Nannette"
- Seán M Kelly, Irish Musician, Author and Inspirational Speaker.

 "I am always captivated by the portrait Nannette did of my daughter. In the painting her eyes look out to you with such knowing and peace.  In the portrait the forest is in the background.  I know that is a place of solace for her.  Recently when we were away from home she told me she could not wait to return home so that she could "smell the forest again".  When she looks at the portrait of herself I know it reminds her of what brings her happiness." 
- Jennifer Sargent, WI

”Nannette's artwork has a peacefulness about it that discourages discord or volatility.”
- Bill Lindsay, Astrologer, Hot Springs, AK

“It gives me great pleasure to look at my young children's portraits.  Their inner and outer beauty radiates off the canvas.  Nannette captured a moment in time that's priceless.” 
- Jennifer, Chicago, IL

 Angel profiles and Intuitive Consultations 

“I initially went to Nannette for an angel profile and later for an intuitive reading.  I use the tools that she taught me on a daily basis, which help me get through the day.  Thank you so much Nannette for sharing with the world your teachings and creativity.” 
- Ellen Roy, Milwaukee, WI

 Angel Workshops

“One of the first workshops I did with Nannette was the "Inner Communication & Guidance Workshop". This workshop was really life changing for me. It helped me to easily connect with guidance and recognize it when I received it. It started me on the path of checking with my guidance daily and throughout the day, learning not to doubt myself. Doing this in a group setting is also helpful. It gives you the opportunity to learn from others and to have support and encouragement from them as well. Nannette makes sure the workshops are facilitate in a safe and loving manner.”  
-Anne Brown, Milwaukee, WI